delusional ecosystem (mercydelerium) wrote in femvoices,
delusional ecosystem

inspiration just struck

i know that most of you are sitting, and getting ready to have dinner
with your loved ones. i too am getting ready to do that in a couple of
in the meantime, i was sorta channel surfing and came upon the
documentary "paper clips" which chronicals a middle schools mission to
research the holocaust and learn tolerance and diversity.
it was very moving as those are, and i started to think.
im a rape survivor
my mother, my sister, friends are also rape survivors, yet it still
goes unnoticed by the majority of the american community.
so i started thinking of what i could do.
at the rate of one rape every 2.5 minutes, that averages out to 210240
a year......
and rainns logo is unlock the silence right?
what if we took a page from this school and collected keys to unlock
the silence?
we could work on it, and then present it to tori and rainn and maybe
learn a thing or two????
what do you think?

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