english_peach (english_peach) wrote in femvoices,

Legal prostitution in the UK

So my neighbouring town has just opened a legal brothel and I feel sickened. How far has feminism came when things like this are aloud to happen in the year 2006? When the act of buying a woman’s body is endorsed by the very same government that is supposed to protect us. I feel sick to my stomach. I know some people believe “prostitution has its place”. But I ask those people: “Are women just pieces of meat for male gratification?” “Are women mere objects to be purchased, like toys in a shop?”

By allowing and endorsing this brothel, the government is encouraging the view of women as second class objects. It is telling men: “Women are to be bought and used”. It is telling women: “you mean very little to our society, and you are certainly second class”.

Yes it is a very sad era to be female. I feel sorry for the little girls being born into a world like this.

I feel sick.
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