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Feminist action

I went to Blockbuster 5 months ago, and was going to get a Band of Brothers episode, but decided to go with another movie instead so I put it down in the drama section and forgot about it. I remembered that I wanted to see it again today when I went so I went to look for it and it wasn't there. Then, lo and behold, walking through the drama section I found it. Exactly where I had put it down 5 months ago. Apparently Blockbuster doesn't go through their racks often, judging by that, and how many movies were completely out of place (which I've noticed they tend to stay that way). Anyways, I picked up another movie to look at the back, and realized it had a sticker on the front that I'm pretty sure wasn't put there by anyone associated with Blockbuster. It had a woman's face with bones crossed underneath, and it said something like, "there's violence against women in this film, do you really want to support this with your hard earned money?" I noticed some more after that one. So I wasn't sure how I felt about this. I understand the intent, and agree with it to an extent, but where I run into murky water is how it was done.
1) As I'm pretty sure whoever was placing the stickers didn't have permission to do so, he/she is defiling property that doesn't belong to them. Yeah, I know, it's Blockbuster, screw them. But that doesn't really change the point. And it's not such a huge point, but it'd be bigger in a small independently run video store right? And not only that...I have an issue with people putting stickers on covers that covers up what you want to see on the cover, if that makes any sense. Why do people always put stickers on the actors face, or on one of the important words. I have an issue with that in bookstores too. Put stickers in blank spaces people!
2) Will this work? It seems like an issue that hasn't had so much publicity if you have to actually put stickers on the movies themselves to get people to understand. What could work better?
3) It seems unfair that you can't put these stickers on all deserving movies, so only the ones that you can get to before running out of stickers, or getting thrown out of the store, or just get sick of the whole deal, might be good movies. And who gets to decide what movies get the stickers? I have seen a couple of the ones that had stickers, and they weren't bad movies, that I recall. I don't remember the violence in them, or if the violence against the women was particularly gratuitous, since I'm sure I hadn't been watching them through a viewpoint, and they were a long time ago.
4) Wouldn't you run out of paper to print stickers on if you put stickers on every single movie with violence towards women? And who's worrying about violence towards men? Anyone? I guess the action sections out lol. This points more of a joke, but still.

Perhaps I'm wrong and Blockbuster did allow the stickers. I don't know. They seemed a bit belligerent, or aggressive, for corporate sponsorship though. Has anyone heard of like a group doing or condoning this? Cause I'd be more interested to know their ideology and what else they are doing to spread awareness about the issue. And I don't completely disagree with this message or the way it was put out there, I'm more just interested on other's thoughts about it. Maybe it's just one person, or not. And I hope that this post doesn't seem angry or anything, cause I'm definately not outraged or anything. Maybe it's small potatoes. Just thinking about it. Interested in other's opinions.

To add to the discussion, what movies troubled you in regards to violence against women? It seems like a touchy topic with no absolutes, but it'd be interesting to know. Thinking about this issue, I've decided that I won't see Hostel 2, not only cause the first one sucked IMO, I find that I absolutely don't need the experience doubled, this time with women! Not that I would have seen it if I hadn't seen these stickers, but maybe now I'll be a little pissy about it too!
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