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Hello! My name is Anna Mulch and I am part of the Feminist Activist
Coalition at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield Illinois.
The Feminist Activist Coalition is made up of energetic women and men
who support equality between the sexes and are interested in working
on grassroots school and community projects and productions that raise
awareness and help promote equality and equal opportunity for all. The
group has a specific interest in eradicating violence against women,
and, therefore, organizes service work and fundraising opportunities
for members with organizations that focus on education, training, and
awareness of such issues.
One of the ways that we as a group are raising awareness is through
the performance of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues". This year is
the eleven year anniversary of the one woman play, and it symbolizes over a
decade's worth of contributions and changes that have occurred
worldwide. One of the ways that Lincoln Land commemorates V-day, is to
perform the play on campus. All the money raised goes to local women's
charities and shelters as well as the V-Day organization, created by Eve
Ensler. In addition to the cost of admission, we also
hold a silent art auction that has proven to be one of the highlights
of the event. Not only are some desperately needed funds raised, the
winner gets to take home a wonderful piece of art.
As an artist, I know how hard it can be to part with a current
project. I also know that as an artist, I like to help out when and
where I can. I would ask that you contribute to this wonderful cause
by donating a small piece of art or jewelry that we may auction off.
The funds raised will go to The Sojourn Shelter which provides
emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence.
Our Advisor is Deborah Brothers, who can be contacted at 786-4966 or
my contact is or
Thank you for your support and your donation to this
wonderful event. The performaces will be held February 13, 14
and 15, 2009.
Anna Mulch
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